Monday, 14 July 2014

Loches-en-Voix...sounded like a good day out

We had a good day out on Saturday taking in the diverse range of music on offer at Loches' free music festival 'Loches-en-Voix'. The fact it was Saturday meant that we also had the atmosphere and colours of their great morning market. Our first taste of music was with 'Fanfare la Saugreneu' who were wandering through the town giving us a taste of their music...lively bunch and very entertaining.

We then moved up to the stage that was set out in front of the 'Hotel de Ville' where our afternoon's entertainment would continue. We had pre-booked a table for lunch just up from the stage at the 'Lanterne'.

Our seats at the front of the restaurant meant we could hear,if not see, the acts perform on the nearby stage while we ate a good lunch. This also happened to be the restaurant of choice for many of the musicians.

 First up we had the trio 'Riendanstonfolk' who gave us an interesting set that included Johnny Cash's 'Burning ring of fire', Neil Young's ' Harvest and songs from 'Oh brother, where art thou?' from where they had taken the musical 'style' from...really enjoyed them. At the time I thought that they deserved a bigger audience than they had (they did)  but on reflection their time-slot of midday probably wasn't the best as most of the French, like us, would be sitting down to lunch. 

The restaurant were kind enough to let us keep our seats until the next musical offering took to the stage at 3.00pm. In-between times we were entertained by a wedding party taking to the stage - they had to to access the 'Hotel de Ville' - for a photo shoot and to release some heart shaped balloons.

Next up were the 'a cappella' group 'Pitch Perfect' from Holland who almost lived up to their name. The way they were 'miked' up I don't think did them justice,that plus the open air stage meant their performance was slightly lost. There was however no doubting their obvious talent. 

 As we moved away to assure ourselves of good seats in St. Anthony's for the gospel choir we had to pass by the back of the stage where the sound was actually better!

More on the choir tomorrow...

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