Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lurch on Sunday...signing off.

Well after 720 posts since my first way back in September 2011, how time flies(have I said that before?), I have decided the time has come to call a halt to my waffling. I need the time to concentrate on updating my site on the Loire Valley so as to try and regain my high ranking position after the last 'google update' saw fit to send me tumbling below the likes of  Tripadvisor and Fodors (whose page doesn't even use a picture of the Loire Valley) and many others.

With only 8 confirmed 'followers', who I thank for their loyalty, this event, I know, won't cause much disappointment in the 'blogging' world. Although only 8 people have 'owned up' to checking in on my blog it has in the last 27 months managed to attain just under 140,000 pageviews so that is something!

I will be posting on my other blog with more of an emphasis on Loire Valley tourism and who knows...maybe one day I will return.

Many,many thanks to 'Blogger' and the bloggers who looked in. One of the best things has been the making of new friends along the way (you know who you are), friendships I'm sure will survive even after the inevitable 'last post'.

It only remains for me to give you the last calendar picture of the year and wish you all "the very best" for Christmas and the New Year, from Pauline and myself.



The river Creuse at Barrou.


Pumpkins in garden in Le Grand Pressigny 


Bridge at Descartes


Sunflowers in a field near Chinon


Taken between Barrou and Le Grand Pressigny


Canoes near the bridge at Angle sur l'Anglin


Taken between Lesigny and La Roche Posay.


Taken up behind the nearby village of Chambon.


Taken in Colin & Elizabeth's garden Braye -Sous-Faye


Taken from the chateau in Le grand Pressigny


Leaving Barrou for Le Grand Pressigny.