Thursday, 28 February 2019

Eyes wide open after a bout of tunnel vision...

After leaving Turin yesterday we headed south over the border into France to Menton.  After driving through, I don't know how many tunnels, is was a joy to catch a glimpse of what would be our home for the next week.

This is the apartment block we are fortunate enough to have taken up residence in...our's is the balcony on the bottom right.

Inside is a delight!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

From Touraine to Turin via Mont Blanc

Yesterday we drove from the Touraine in France to Turin in Italy for a couple of nights, via Mont Blanc - a great breathtaking experience!
We are on our way to Menton in the south of France and decided to take the scenic route! 
Pauline took this through the car windscreen

Monday, 25 February 2019

'Randonnée des crêpes' 2019

Yesterday was the annual 'Randonnée des crêpes' in Le Grand-Pressigny where there was another good turnout on another beautiful day here in Southern Touraine.

We headed up the steep hill from the centre of the village towards the chateau...

a good early test for the walkers.

Then it was through the chateau grounds...

and into the countryside behind.

As ever the group spreads itself out with paces to suit everyone.

The stop for refreshments is always welcome before setting back off on the second leg of the walk.

This was the point where we could choose the 9km or 14km option...we did the 9km so as to be back in time to serve up the 1200 crepes to our visitors.

From chateau La Vienne it was downhill to the village of Etableau...

before finishing back in the welcome sights of Le Grand-Pressigny.

Back in the Salles des Fetes it was time for creprs and a refreshing glass of cider.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

A good day for a walk and crêpes

Today is our annual 'Randonnée des crêpes' and we have a beautiful day for it. It is all go in ours and many other kitchens locally - each aiming for 40+ crêpes.

Friday, 22 February 2019

A walk around La Roche Posay with the randonnee club

Yesterday's Le Grand-Pressigny randonnee club outing took us over to La Roche Posay on a February day that saw temperatures climb to 18 degrees!

Our leader Joel started us off with a climb up behind the town to the west before heading into the countryside circling the town.

Looking back towards the town

Heading into the woods.

Despite the recent spell og glorious weather the path through the woods still held a lot of water in places.

Although it was a little tricky at times avoiding the mud, Polly, one of our fellow walker's dog relished it.

It wasn't long before we were back on dry land and heading back into town.

Joel finished the walk by taking us through the really old part of the town which for Pauline and I was very familiar territory but none the worse for that as it is quite charming.

After 12km it was good to be back in the car for a seat.