Sunday, 30 November 2014

Church on Sunday...Holy Trinity,Wensley

On our way through the Yorkshire Dales we stopped in on the Holy Tinity church in Wensley home of Wensleydale cheese (the village, not the church)

The church dates from around 1240 built during the reign of Henry III. Only part of the church survives from this period with the nave aisles and north porch being 14th century modifications.

These elaborately carved pews date from 16th century,during Henry VIII's reign.

These enclosed pews back on to what was the private 17th century pews of the Scrope family of Bolton. Bolton Castle,dating from 1379 sits north of the village.

They had a long association with the is a pity they are not still around as it apparently needs £1.5M spent on repairs...though can't quite see where!

 Looking back from the chancel towards the church organ.

This is a 'reliquary' which is supposed to hold the bones or objects associated with saints.

The church's hexagonal baptismal font dates from 1678 and lay undiscovered under a pile of rubble in the tower until 1928.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

A night on the town...

Went up to Glasgow on the bus yesterday to catch our son Mark doing his improvisation show with 'To be continued'...they were very funny!

Had dinner in the very Christmassy 'Merchant city' before heading to the show.

Glasgow was looking great!

Got slightly distracted on way back to bus...heard live music coming from pub...which was full of an eclectic mix of Glaswegians having a rare old time!

Then met German couple who  had been to the show and stopped for a 'blether' in George square...spent too long with them which meant we missed the bus. Had to wait until midnight to get next bus. Glasgow bus stations are interesting places...were joined by others in same boat. One young (and slightly drunk) man was begging for the use of a mobile as his batteries (had two phones -one his work's) had run out. Asked the wrong people...Pauline had the same problem and I don't do phones.He needed to make it up with his girlfriend back in Prestwick...something to do with a Christmas present. Eventually borrowed a phone from someone who claimed he was the station manager but I don't think his cause was helped by the bus queue singing 'I just called to say I love you' down the phone! Sat beside us back to Ayrshire...think he wanted us to adopt him! Great night had by all!

Footnote: As we were walking the streets of Ayr around 1.40 am the birds were singing in the trees above us practically the whole length of Racecourse Road...a very looong road. Is this normal behaviour?

Friday, 28 November 2014

Pit stop...

On our way north from Epsom friends Jane and Peter (again) invited us to break the journey with them up in the Yorkshire Dales...a lovely evening and a welcome break. 

They live in a stunning part of the country which made the drive over to join the M6 north a very pleasant (if a bit windy) trip.

My little ponies roaming free in a car park 

Entering Cumbria - we once lived there you know!.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

London towers old and new...

When we stopped off at Epsom we took a trip up to central London...this was our first view of the city's and Europe's tallest building 'The Shard'.It was taken from the platform at Waterloo East station where we caught the train to 'Tower Bridge'.

It was a grey day but fine for a bit of a walk along and over the Thames.

Here is the view of the impressive Shard from  Tower Bridge...

and here is the opposite bank. It is a view that includes many of the tallest and most interesting buildings in the city including the 'Walkie-Talkie',the 'Cheesegrater' and the 'Gherkin'. Interestingly the view also includes the 'White tower' of the Tower of London which at 90' was the tallest in its day.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The changing face of the high street...

On our way up to Scotland we made our normal stopover in Epsom with the usual generous hospitality from Pauline's sister Eileen and her partner David.

A walk down the town's high street is a bit of an eye-opener with this particular section having seven different charity shops - changed days indeed!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Church on Sunday...

 When we were at the brocante in L'Île-Bouchard on the 11th I was 'encouraged' into the  church of St Gilles  by one of local parishioners who was bestowing its virtues...of which it has many.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had already visited the church.

Lovely as it is...

...with its shrine to the Virgin Mary where she appeared to children of the town in 1947.

Plus its new shrine to a canonised wife and husband who's names sadly I have forgot, where you can pray for families.

 There is also an interesting baptismal arch which contains the original 'Virgin' which marked the spot where she appeared prior to the new one being commissioned.


I was reminded of what a pretty Joan they had here.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blanc...the colour of choice

Vehicles heading for the 'WVM',actually it's a shot of the trader's vans parked behind their stalls at the recent brocante in L'lle-Bouchard. It is rare to see a 'liveried' van here in France - white being the colour of choice for the black economy.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Level two...

My work on the slope at the rear of 'Le Bourg' continues...I have just finished adding a second retaining wall halfway up the slope. This time it is a 'dry' wall using the stones lying around the garden - it took a lot of them! I used the Roman method of large stones at the bottom and reducing in size the higher it got.

I did give it a top cover of chaux, so now it works on two levels (excuse the pun) one as a retaining wall and also as a path to access the top of the slope for weeding.