Saturday, 14 December 2019

12 days until Christmas, day 2 let's look back - Month 2 - February

 In February we  revisited the little village of St Valentin (36) on St Valentine's day of course!
Had a great day out to our local Fete de St Blaise in Barrou
Spent a very pleasant afternoon in good company at the *Fete des LACO in Le Grand-Pressigny.
Celebrated the year of the pig in some style.
We had our annual 'Randonnée des crêpes' in Le Grand-Pressigny where there was another good turnout on another beautiful day here in Southern Touraine.

At the end of the month we headed through Mont Blanc over to Turin.

Then on to Menton in the South of France

Friday, 13 December 2019

12 days until Christmas, let's look back on our last 12 months - Month 1 - January

Spent time in Edinburgh with Ada.Rose and Michael for her 1st birthday...great times.


Also took in one of Mara's improv. performances at the 'Monkey Barrel', great fun, great talent!


Back in France our first walk of the year was with some friends who invited us to join them for a short walk in the forest of Preuilly


Shared a Galette des rois with friends 

Black night black day...


Woke up at 4.30 am to a power cut and to the knowledge that the turkeys have voted for Christmas. Got up and started the wood burner for warmth and lit some candles for light - power came back on at 11.30 but the lights had gone out in many sad, so stupid!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

It is still with us!

After 3 weeks our wagtail is still with us tapping on our house windows and car mirrors - it is so annoying! We have done the covering up of windows and mirrors as per the kind suggestions we have had but still it comes. Beginning to think it may be the reincarnation of a previous guest of the house. You would like to think it had better things to do with itself!

Monday, 9 December 2019

We could have gotten very wet...

The Christmas carol singers had our first outing yesterday the Ferriere-Larcon Christmas market. We arrived to very Scottish drizzly rain which had been on all day but as we left to follow Mr & Mrs Santa Clause down to the market it miraculously stopped! Allowing us to sing outside in the market place before heading into a very cold church for a second performance.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Oh Carol...

Image result for xmas market ferriere larcon 2019
Last rehearsal yesterday afternoon for 'La Petite Chorale de Noël' You can catch us at  Ferrière Larçon's 'Marche de Noel' on Sunday (8th) around 3.00/4.00pm.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Walking the dog...

Our friends Ian & Catherine stopped in for a visit on their way home from Spain back to the UK. First thing to do was to get the delightful 'Pringle' out for a walk after his long car journey.

Then it was back to the serious stuff of a warm fire and a spot of sparkling Vouvray.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Revisiting a project...8 years in the making!

Sometimes I take too long over projects but this has to be the worst case scenario ! Way back in 2012  we decided to tidy up behind our barn at the Old Walnut Mill to create a second option for sitting out ('sitooterie') for our guests at the cottage.

We got it to a stage where it was looking quite nice...and then abandoned it! - only because other projects got in the way and our front courtyard was proving to be adequate for our guests.

I had started to acquire stone from various other projects like the little outhouse behind this area and then from our project in La Guerche, where to store them? 

I managed to use some to reface the block wall at the bottom of the garden but sill had plenty left!

We have now moved them to La Guerche where I have a similar project to start and we can now get back to this one for this winter!

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Deer stop...

Spotted on our way over to La Roche Posay on Sunday...sorry about poor quality but as soon as we stopped they were off!

Monday, 2 December 2019

First day of December and we are at a Christmas market!

Pauline dragged me over to La Roche Posay yesterday to our first Christmas market of the season...sure there will be more!

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Our most bizarre gig?

Dominique and I were asked at short notice to provide some music at the Bar de L'Union at Paulmy last night. It has to reopen its doors at least once a year in order to maintain its license. As we drove up on a very wet November evening it looked enchanting.

The mayor had erected a chapiteau in front of the bar as with the alterations it was now a fraction of the size it used to be. We had to set up inside the tent with heavy rain battering it from the outside with a couple of paraffin heaters to save us from hypothermia! 

I did our first set with my jacket on before braving it for the second - our small audience were well wrapped up for the occasion! Before we started the locals were kind enough to provide a meal for us which included some very welcoming hot soup! We have to thank the brave souls who ventured out on what was a horrible night to support us and the mayor. During the gig I was just thinking how friends of ours were performing not too far away over in a warm hall in Bossée - and feeling very jealous.

*Pics 2 & 3 courtesy of  our friend Fabrice.

Friday, 29 November 2019

A walk with the randonnee club from La Guerche.

Yesterday's walk with the randonnee club had us starting from La Guerche and heading over the Creuse into La Petite Guerche before climbing up the woods around 'La Rond du Chene'

The initial uphill climb had the usual effect of splitting the group before hitting a welcome plateau...

Before heading back into the woods,
where we passed the 'fountain of youth' on our way to the centre of this interesting part of the forrest.

I recall admiring this pretty house on a previous walk.
By the time we were nearing the end of the walk the group was pretty spread out but all happy to have completed another good walk.

La Guerche from the bridge
Never get tired of taking this shot of the chateau.