Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Festive update....and wishing everyone a happy New Year

Last pic of Tours before heading over to Pauline's sister Eileen's home in Epsom to celebrate Christmas with her, Paul, Mara and her friend Linda.

We had a lovely time and after the usual good helping of Christmas cheer we went out on the Saturday to the beautiful Wisley gardens to blow off the cobwebs

The hot houses were the place to be,both for their Christmas displays and for a good rise in temperature!

On Sunday we headed up to Scotland but decided on an overnight stay in York to break the journey.

The town had of course dressed itself suitably well for Christmas and we took in the lights before revisiting the 'Shambles' and treating ourselves to dinner.

Yesterday we arrived at Michael  and Roses in Edinburgh where we will be bringing in the new year with them and the lovely Ada!

Here's my wee poem for New Year...:

Have a good new year,one and all
Spend its every moment living
We only get this one small chance
One shot is all we're given.

Don't look back at all the might-have-beens
Don't look too far ahead
Live each year as if it's your last
You cannot when you're dead!

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