Sunday, 31 July 2016

Church on Sunday...Saint-Sulpice,Palluau-sur-Indre

As we drove through the town of Palluau-sur-Indre on our way over to Valencay last Friday we were met by the sight of its chateau and church perched high above us and had to stop.

The church of Saint-Sulpice was built in the 12th century, replacing an older church  (dedicated to Sainte-Menehould). Work on the church continued off and on until the 16th century.

It is built in the typical Latin Cross design and bulging with artifacts and detail.

The main central altar detail...

the stained glass windows of the apse...old and new.

The left side chapel...

with is statues.

The more modern right-hand chapel.

Wall frescos and statues from the middle ages in an 'naive' style are all around you as you explore the interior.

The choir has two large wooden panels that were donated by the then occupiers of the chateau, Charles de Tranchelion and his wife Françoise de Silly in the early sixteenth century, were restored some years ago by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, where they had been stored.. 

Whether you are looking up or down there is something to grab your attention.

The fifteenth century stalls have grotesque wood carvings.

Where's Joan?

Would have loved this to have been her but think may be someone else as saintly.

The bays of the nave are covered with ribbed vaults 

The bell tower may well be the oldest part of this very interesting church.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ciran 'spectacular'...

We went along to Ciran's 'La Malle aux Souvenirs' with friends,including life-long friend John who is over from Scotland on a visit, last night and although we were seeing it for the second time we were still blown away by the event. It may not the slickest production you will see but for honest endeavour and enthusiasm it can't be beat. Look out for the Red Indian horsemen...great fun!

The audience wait in anticipation.

The setting by the plan d'eau is magically transformed by very creative lighting...

and the way they use the water is excellent.

Fireworks seemed to feature more this year throughout the production before a spectacular display to signal the end of the night...well done Ciran, we looked forward to your new show in 2017

Note: If you are going along to tonight's (Saturday) show take something warm to wear as the show goes on until midnight by which time you will have experienced a fair drop in temperature!

Friday, 29 July 2016

Having your cake and eating it...

For Wednesday's Loire Valley Clandestine Cake Club event Pauline's cake proved a bit too much to handle.

She did however ask me to post a pic of it on Facebook...probably to prove its existence...but I think I showed it in a bad light, it was a mess but not as bad as it seems..


I  took another shot of it but actually it's still a mess...though still delicious.

For those of you salivating, it is a lime and pistachio cake with chocolate and pistachio shards.

The 'club' has been a big success here in the Loire Valley mainly due to the efforts of its founder Jean (Lacey) but also the many enthusiastic cake makers of the region.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Something for the weekend -'s the 'big one'!

Busy field parking at La Celle Guenand
On Sunday La Celle Guenand holds what must be the areas largest brocante. For me it is just a little too large but if you are searching for something in particular chances are you'll find it here.

You could instead visit the smaller one at Sainte Catherine de Fierbois and make a visit to the church where Joan of Arc allegedly found her sword.

Or to the more sedate Azay-le Rideau where, if you have not been before, is worth a visit for the town itself - never mind its beautiful chateau

Brocantes / vide greniers Saturday 30th July

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

CHATILLON SUR INDRE  Vide-greniers ***

Brocantes / vide greniers Sunday 31st July

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

AZAY LE RIDEAU  Brocante de l'ile **

BRAYE SOUS FAYE  Fête du Bois Sous Faye - Brocante Vide-greniers *

LA CELLE GUENAND  Fête des Métiers et Brocante ****

LE LIEGE  Brocante Vide-greniers ***


THENEUIL  Brocante Vide-greniers **

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Road trip part III...Aubigny-sur-Nére

We continued retracing our previous trip by including a visit to the pretty town of  Aubigny-sur-Nére with its proud Scottish connection (see post on last visit)

Had a good lunch here before moving on to Sancerre.

The town had a display of 'street art' with a knitted theme!!!

This was my favourite.