Monday, 25 July 2016

Yesterday's brocante...Buxeuil

Headed over to Buxeuil yesterday to search for treasure under a blue sky.

With the high temperature there was little enthusiasm being shown for these.

I have a feeling the previous owner may have been slightly spoilt...


Tired of searching for a bargain?...2 for 160 euros!

Not sure what was going on here!

Band providing some music with a very enthusiastic bongo player.

This stall was like a time travel through listening,apart from the hippo!

Apparently the felling wasn't reciprocal...and they had moved on to Mariyln!

It was good to see some of the performers from the “spectacular” ‘Son et Lumiére’ at Ciran 'La Malle aux Souvenirs' out promoting their show...if you haven't been you should definitely go!

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  1. Typical Scot!! Marking up the tyres by 30 euros trying to make a profit!!