Friday, 29 July 2016

Having your cake and eating it...

For Wednesday's Loire Valley Clandestine Cake Club event Pauline's cake proved a bit too much to handle.

She did however ask me to post a pic of it on Facebook...probably to prove its existence...but I think I showed it in a bad light, it was a mess but not as bad as it seems..


I  took another shot of it but actually it's still a mess...though still delicious.

For those of you salivating, it is a lime and pistachio cake with chocolate and pistachio shards.

The 'club' has been a big success here in the Loire Valley mainly due to the efforts of its founder Jean (Lacey) but also the many enthusiastic cake makers of the region.

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  1. It sounds and looks delicious. Don't fret, Pauline. We've all been in this situation many times. My rule for CCC (which is part of the fun for me) is to always make something, or use a recipe I've never tried before, with all the inherent difficulties. The second rule, after remaking one 'disaster', is to stick with the first cake! The taste is the most important part.