Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Watching the Tour de France...

Yesterday morning we headed over to the Vienne to watch the Tour de France come hurtling down the D14 on its way from Saumur down to Limoges on what is stage 4 of this great cycling event.

Our location on a rural crossroads had been selected by friend Jane,pictured above with her sister Pam.
Because the main road was closed for the race it meant we had to go cross-country and approach our location from just south of  'Saint-Gervais-les-Trois-Clochers' (great name),or so I thought. With a convoy of three vehicles I had chosen to take responsibility of navigator and get us there on time. Between Google and I we came up with the shortest route which entailed crossing a narrow country road to get from the D42 over to the D23. It was an unmarked road but having viewed it on their 'maps' I was delighted to identify the five trees at the respective junction (even though they had grown a bit since Google's 'drive past')

My delight,however, was short lived as the road turned into a dirt road after a few kilometres. So it meant an about turn and a quick check of the atlas for an alternative route.This proved to be more successful and we eventually met up with other friends who had also made it there.

Then it was a case of settling in and await the spectacle.

Sandra, our 'artist in residence' at the 'Old Walnut Mill' used the waiting time to do a bit of painting of the scene.

The 'caravan' is first to arrive...

followed by the riders.

Who all seemed quite relaxed as they whizzed past.

This fellow even had time to send a text message!

After the stragglers had past it was down to lunch.

With everyone,as ever contributing far too much...

Jane even managed to get a pavlova there in one piece...great stuff...

from a great bunch of friends.

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