Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Catching up...

Catching up with friends and family made our recent long 'road-trip' so worth it. We managed to spend time with my two sisters, Mary & Sally and some of their family,Pauline's sister Eileen (who put up with us twice!) her brother Ronald and wife Evelyn as well as our own three sons. It was good to see Michael stepping up to the fatherly role, we always knew he and Rose would make great parents though we also know it's not an easy job and life-changing in so many ways! 

We went over to Glasgow and met Paul after work and went out for a bite to eat but only after Pauline had a little retail therapy.


On our last day we we headed back over to Edinburgh to say our goodbyes to Ada,Rose and Michael and were also fortunate enough to catch Mark's performance with 'The Spontaneous Players',a comedy troupe he has joined. It was great to see him doing what he loves...and very good he is too! They are the improvisational comedy troupe behind 'Spontaneous Sherlock' and 'Spontaneous Potter', you can catch them every Thursday night at the Monkey Barrel Comedy Club and look out for them at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

2265 miles,11 beds, much kindness (and sparkly wine) and baby that's what I call a road-trip!

Arrived back last night after an eighteen day road-trip that took us as far north as Fife in Scotland and on travels that meant we covered 2265 miles in our round trip. We have so many people to thank...Pauline's sister Eileen was kind enough to have us for 3 nights at her house in Epsom on our way north which included a catch up with friends Mike & Liz for lunch in Dorking and then 2 nights on the return leg of our journey which included a Burns celebration and a catch up with friends old and new.

Then it was a welcome stop-off at friends Norman at Margaret's lovely home just outside Preston to break the journey north to Fife.

We spent a couple of pleasant nights with Pauline's brother Ron and his wife Evelyn at Balmullo near St.Andrews in Fife which included a 'fish & chips' evening.

From Fife it was down to Edinburgh for the birth of our beautiful Ada in 'Little France' courtesy of Rose & Michael.

We stayed 2 nights in a hotel in Edinburgh (could dedicate a whole post to that...may yet) and slept in a very large bed (one of eleven).

Enjoyed some 'staring adoringly' time with Ada before heading down to Ayrshire to catch up with Family and friends to share our joy.

Our hectic Ayrshire schedule included three different overnight stays in a row with friends Lindsay & Michael at Craigie, Bert & Geraldine in Galston and Allan & Lorna  at Darvel. We also abused our dear friend John by using his house as a staging post and he also had us for a few nights staying over. It was also great to catch up with family...lots of bubbly consumed.

It was then back over to Edinburgh for a final stay and more Ada staring and holding at Michael & Rose's before heading south.
We had another great stop-over at Jane and Peter's beautiful home in Yorkshire on the way which included a tour of their great new VW camper van and also of Peter's stunning new bathroom (all his own work).

This is their other form of holiday travel

Now it's back to normality (whatever that is) for gran & papa.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Church for Sunday - St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh.

Having just left Edinburgh I thought I should show off one of its many fine ecclesiastical buildings,St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral

The cathedral was built at the end of the 19th century in the Gothic style of many earlier scottish churches.You can read about its history here.

In celebration of Burns...a big meal and a wee swally.

The generous hospitality we have received on our visit back to the UK continued on our return to Pauline's sister Eileen's home  last night with a belated celebration of 'Burns Night' with friends.

Our tartan style was perhaps a little less conventional than the  traditional Scottish garb but I think we all carried it off ! Eileen gave us a traditional meal of smoked salmon pate, Scotch broth, tatties neaps and haggis and cranachan for dessert...yummy!

Friday, 26 January 2018

New babies and monkey business.

Pauline and I went along to catch Mark at the 'Monkey Barrel Comedy club here in Edinburgh as part of 'Spontaneous Sherlock' an improvised Sherlock Holmes comedy play, inspired by suggestions from the audience. Glad we did, very funny! You can catch them every Thursday night doing this show or 'Spontaneous Potter' alternating weekly.

Earlier we did a short spell of baby sitting,well actually baby's amazing how satisfying just gazing at Ada for hours can be! There was no monkey business from her!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Heart tugging stuff...

Heading back over to Edinburgh for a final overnight stay before heading back south and ultimately home. It has been great to catch up with family and friends and Scotland,grey as its been. It is odd but while there is no doubt a huge part of me lies here Pauline and I are only sad to be leaving as we can't take back these friends and family.

 It is going to be a tough day as will have to leave little Ada behind

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Steerage class on Royal yacht Britannia

While awaiting the birth of our lovely granddaughter Ada we killed time by visiting the Royal yacht Britannia in Leith. Witnessing the conditions first-hand that the serving classes had to endure to massage the ego of the privileged few wasn’t fun and celebrating it somehow seemed wrong.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018