Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Had to be seen to be believed...

Quite a day in Tours yesterday what with having to swerve to avoid a sofa on the centre lane of the A10 and catching sight of the invisible man having a haircut.

More images from our recent sojourn in the south...part III - life goes on in Dulceacqua .

More images from the little village of Dulceacqua  in Italy.




Monday, 18 March 2019

More images from our recent sojourn in the south...part II - life goes on.

When visiting a new place as a tourist I love the signs of the local people living out their lives. These are in Menton.


Hounded out of the house...

We were working at 'Le Bourg' in Barrou yesterday when there was the sound of horses on the street...turns out the hunt had lost the pack of dogs (not for the first time). I heard barking from behind the house and on investigating arrived just in time to see them marauding through the garden of the house and the immediate neighbours gardens as well. Watching the sea of hounds all looking for a way out I heard Pauline screaming from the front of the house...three strays had come in off the road and into the house,she made a sharp exit into the safety of the 'little house'. I turned round to see the hounds and their wet noses against my recently cleaned French doors trying to join the pack! Managed to chase them around the back to join their mates - Grand Rue was blocked by hunter's vans/cars all looking for their hounds - not your typical day in the village!

Sunday, 17 March 2019

More images from our recent sojourn in the south...part 1

I took so many photos on our sojourn to the south of France that I am going to do a week of posting some more of them, I know they are not Loire Valley related but hope you will forgive this further deviation.

As it is Sunday I am going to start with a church, well a basilica actually, the 15th century 'Basilique Saint Michel Archange' which sits high up in the old town at Menton. The image above is actually canvases streched over the front of the basilica which is currently undergoing a renovation programme.

The beautiful inside however, remains unaffected.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Celebrating the Irish in Le Grand-Pressigny

Went along with friends to 'Chez L' last night to help celebrate St. Patrick's day (Sunday). Lisa provided an Irish themed meal and 'Celtiqua' provided the music, a very good combination!