Friday, 20 September 2019

Something for the weekend - Journees du Patrimoine 2019 - Free chateaux visits

This weekend, you have free visits to some of the main chateaux plus so much more - heritage sites throughout the Loire Valley open their doors and share their history with you, some free to enter,others at a reduced rate. More info. here

Special birthday!

Delighted to join our friend Maureen to help celebrate her 'special' birthday yesterday.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

A return to the garden festival...September 2019

Made our second visit to the International Garden at Chaumont-sur-Loire on what was another lovely September afternoon.

We decided to check out more of the artwork this visit as we had missed out on most of this on our last visit. Will post more on this later.You can take a walk with us through our earlier visit to the festival here

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Wot we bot - not a lot!

Bought this mirror at Sunday's brocante - seemed to fit in with the deprivation that is our rear courtyard here at La Guerche

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Sunday's brocante, a visit to the market and a walk in the park...

Descartes street with market stalls

On Sunday we popped over to the morning market at Descartes before strolling through the gardens, which as ever are a credit to the local gardeners to the small brocante around the (now closed) aquapark. 

view of the roses in the rose garden at Descartes

Monday, 16 September 2019

Why in Ligueil?

Before we attended 'Les Percufolies' event in Ligueil on Sunday I had wondered why the event was being held there. Our friend Pauline had let me know that Ligueil is the home of 'Bergerault', now an international brand of percussion instruments - vibraphones, marimbas etc. - who would have known?  It was in the town that Albert Bergerault a musician and inventor set up a small factory in 1932 making xylaphones and other musical instruments. The website for the event gives a potted history of the man here.

In 1973 he invented a large musical ensemble that worked from an accordion. After his death in 1989, his son Jean and his daughter Colette Fergeau kept the memory of their father going through demonstrations of this musical ensemble.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Now we know...beating a drum for Ligueil

Last night we went along to the big free event over at Ligueil, 'Les Percufolies' to check out what it was all about. We had made mistakes on previous years by visiting during the is certainly an evening thing.

When we first arrived we went to the stage set up by the church where we were met by the sound of  'tablao flamenco' backed by a bit of Fado...not my favourite - did you know this a UNSECO World Heritage 'intangible art form'?.

There were a number of venues throughout the town -  we stopped for a few minutes to check out 'Permis de Quizzer' with their 'rimba tubes' (instruments built from PVC tubes) where they were making you guess movie music, a bit over our heads but fun for the French audience and participants

From there we made our way to the other big stage set up by the mairie where 'Bata Brinca'  (from Brouges) were giving us an energetic taste of Brazil (it's all about the B's) Below is a small sample of what they were about...

They were followed by Natascha Rogers on the main stage with some 'world jazz music', a unique sound rooted in afro-american, afro-cuban music.

A small snippet of her performance below...

Then it was back round to the stage by the church to catch 'Lo Barrut' a group who use their voices and some percussion to offer what I can only describe as 'chanting'...different!

We came away thinking that this must take a lot of organising and that it was very well set up to provide an excellent setting and ambiance...the music, well that is all a question of taste!