Sunday, 25 September 2022

Magic moments...

Listening to Ada reading brought back some lovely memories from their recent visit which had some magic moments.

Friday, 23 September 2022

Morning fun at Monteboeuf...


Good fun yesterday with friends at sports morning hosted by Chris and Sally and followed by lovely lunch. 

Pauline and me doing archery for the first time.
My golf buddies will recognise this stance!
Didn't disgrace ourselves and no one was hurt!
Thanks to Alison for pics..

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

'Journees-du-Patrimoine' - day II

For the Sunday of 'Journees-du-Patrimoine' weekend we headed over to the Benedictine abbey complex at Cormery which was founded at the end of the 8th century and  active until the French Revolution. We were hoping to get a good look inside as it had intrigued us for some time.
The courtyard within the cloisters was set up with a bar and seating plus a stage and rock band - very medieval!
We joined our guide for the visit here - a charming young man who led us into the refectory building and proceeded to give us in great detail (and very fast French) info. on every nook and cranny - most of which went way over our heads!
As we tried to make an escape a lady from the caretakers convinced us to wait as we would be taken into the abbey house which we would find very interesting - we rejoined our guide as he led the group up into the building. 
It has been 'modernised to house the offices and accommodation for the caretakers but in the top floor it retains an original room which had been converted into a classroom.

Oh and another reason for choosing Cormery was that it was hosting its annual brocante which we managed to trek half way round,too large and buy a few bits and bobs.

Monday, 19 September 2022

A full day...part II - keeping it local.

After our  'Patrimoine' visit to Chateau de Charnizay on Saturday we headed back to La Guerche where friends joined us for an aperitif then Pauline and I went to join other friends for the opening of the new 'Taverne' in the village. It was great to see a good turnout for the event and augers well for the future.  

Music was provided by the very entertaining  'Locos Locaux'.



Sunday, 18 September 2022

A full day...part I - a 'Patrimoine' visit to Chateau de Charnizay

Before checking out how we were going to spend this year's 'Journees-du-Patrimoine' we were not aware there was a chateau in Charnizay, so we were very interested to see it on the list. Glad we went along.

Our hosts presented a major part of the chateau's history with the use of actors with the first 'act' being a wedding in the chapel.

This was followed by a sad part of the history of the chateau when everything had to be auctioned off under the watch of... 

The lady (centre) who gave us the background to this event presented it with great gusto and panache. 

All the 'actors' provided a very good experience which ended with a refreshment in the grounds where they had made a tearoom for the day.