Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Road trip part II... Pont-canal in Briare

As it was close to where we were staying and some of our party hadn't seen it, we decided to make a visit to the Pont-canal in Briare which,until 2003,* was the longest canal bridge in Europe at 662 metres.


Pauline and I, along with friends Mike and Liz, had visited it back in November 2013 (how time flies when you are having fun) and were lucky enough to have a fine day weatherwise. The only thing missing was the sight of a boat making the actual crossing.

I love the detail of the bridge...

Shades of Parisian bridge art.

There is a handy cafe/chocolatier at the entrance to the canal bridge which includes the 'Chimera and Chocolates' shop offering macaroons, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other refreshments. It is open every day in July and August but closed Mondays the rest of the season, We would be poppimg in after our walk along the bridge.

We were passed by this boat as we made our way across.

The bridge takes boats over the river Loire on the 'Canal Lateral a La Loire' 

The Midway point offers great views of the Loire river.

Once on the other side you have to make your way down an embankment and under the canal and back up the other side

More barges on the other side of the canal bridge. 

After a group photo and head count it was back along the other footpath.

Another boat passed us on the way back.

Once on the other side I decided to have a closer look at the metalwork of the bridge.

Gustave Eiffel was involved in the bridge's construction but not as you might think in the metalwork but in the stonework of the supporting abutments and piers.

The sun came out for us on reaching the other side so it was time for another group phto.

* It is now the Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany.

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