Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The changing face of the high street...

On our way up to Scotland we made our normal stopover in Epsom with the usual generous hospitality from Pauline's sister Eileen and her partner David.

A walk down the town's high street is a bit of an eye-opener with this particular section having seven different charity shops - changed days indeed!


  1. This seems to be the pattern for all high streets now. In Stafford there are even more than one branch of the same charity shop, a bargain basement one and a 'normal'one! I believe the boom has something to do with lowered business rates and the rise in people prepared either by thrift or necessity to shop in them.

    Jim, there are bargains to be had at prices to rival the best Brocante...

  2. When I was a little girl there was a bus from the village every half an hour to both Alfreton and Matlock.
    Nowadays it's impossible to get from my old village to Alfreton by bus.
    Matlock is a town of two halves, on each side of the river that divides the town. On one side it's wall-to-wall antique and vintage shops. On the other there is every charity shop you have ever heard of.
    A new Sainsbury's supermarket on the outskirts of town - with its own purpose built ring road and approach - probably has much to do with the change. Most of the old butchers, greengrocers, newsagents and ironmongers have gone. Just a few traditional shops hang on, pandering to the tourist market to boost trade. That's if you could call Wilko's traditional. The old cinema is now a Chinese restaurant.
    It's called progress I think.