Sunday, 9 March 2014

Church on Sunday...Braye-sous-Faye

This Sunday wecan bring you St John the Baptist church in Bray-sous-Faye just outside Richelieu courtesy of Colin & Elizabeth who were kind enough to get us the keys to this normally locked church when we were over for a visit last week. You can see more detail on my Loire Valley site where I will be featuring (in time) my previous 'Church on Sundays'


  1. Glad we were able to get hold of the keys. Despite the Mairie listing the church as Braye's main ancient monument and worth a visit, you can only get hold of the keys on Tuesdays or on Thursday afternoons, so it was just lucky you came when you did!

  2. Glad to see that you are going to "re-set" all your church on Snuddies as a website section...
    It will make a useful Tourist resource....
    I am basing my judgement on what you have published... agin the old Shell Guides... very similar.