Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A mammoth task...

We paid a visit to the new temporary (until November) exhibition within the Prehistory Museum in the chateau at Le Grand Pressigny  here in the LoireValley ...

On display is a mammoth skeleton, a stuffed reindeer and musk ox plus items made from the various parts of the animals - where it might not be worth considering a special trip if you have already visited the museum, as a free display it is a good addition - when are you going to get another chance to see a genuine mammoth skeleton?

My opinion of the museum -for what it's worth - is that they have a difficult task in trying to make a 'specialist subject' interesting enough to get the number of visitors needed to justify its cost.This temporary exhibition will help a little but on the first day of opening we,along with friends Mike and Liz and our first guests of the season at 'Le Bourg', were the only people checking it out. 

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