Monday, 18 May 2015

Full day...

And they're off...

As it was a lovely day yesterday we popped over to the brocante the La Roche Posay racecourse

Managed to resist buying anything...even this fellow.

We were propelled towards  this unusual nautical table but again resisted.

 If you haven't tried 'a day at the races' then you least once as it is a good day's small but perfectly formed. Below are this season's meeting dates.

Back home for lunch then off to our second brocante of the day at Antoigné which is a village that appears to have been gobbled up by Châtellerault and lost its identity...we would never really knew the place other than seeing a sign off the D21.

It was big with hundred of stalls...

but again managed to resist what they had on offer, though these boots seemed to have an attraction.

 Then it was over to help Colin celebrate a birthday milestone at Braye sous Faye where we had good company and the usual splendid hospitality from Elizabeth into the early evening..


  1. Wonderful acapella from you yesterday evening....
    and surely those boots would be perfect if La Cell Gurnard has a 'nother Scottish dancing event!!

  2. I can tell you have hidden his wallet Pauline... Great idea.
    Thank you for the song it was unexpected and great. C

  3. Great song choice, and beautifully sung.
    A lovely afternoon.