Sunday, 20 September 2015

Church on Sunday...Saint Hilaire,Lémeré

The first thing that strikes you as you enter the church of Saint Hilaire in Lémeré is how bright it is, with the light being reflected of its tuffeau stone walls. It has an impressive nave flanked by two side vaults and a choir you are drawn into via two arches spanning overhead 

The earliest parts of the church apparently date from the 12th century but they are not much in evidence. It has been heavily restored over the centuries with much of the funding being credited to the owners of the nearby Chateau du Rivau

It has the now very familiar pulpit and confessional...

plus some personal pews that had me wondering as to how many of their owners were still around to take advantage of them.

There are also some fine examples within the choir reserved for I assume the altar boys,if they have any.

Like many very small villages of France they seem to have lost a disproportionate number of  men in WW1. 

There is a rather ornate baptismal font.

 All the windows of the church are from the 'Lobin' factory in Tours.

 Where's Joan?

 Being so near to Chinon she was always going to have pride of place here.

Love these windows.

Don't know how old this graffiti is but it bears a striking(?) resemblance to 'Batman'

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