Saturday, 30 April 2016

How kind was she?

Made it along to Chez Millésime in Chatellerault last night to listen to Angie Palmer. It is a small venue and as such tables had been reserved in advance but unfortunately not by us. We were a group of 10 so it was difficult to accommodate us. It was suggested that we should go and have a drink in another bar and try again a little later as some people don't stay for the whole set. So it was an about turn, even though there was a 'reserved' table of six  still awaiting some smarter people who had pre-booked but as yet, not turned up (Angie had started her gig).

Off we trod to another local hostelry where we were given a warm reception - doesn't, I imagine, get many large parties dropping in. We were just about thinking about heading back round when who should appear but Angie herself to announce that the 'pre-bookers' had failed to turn up and the proprietors had felt bad about turning us away and wanted us back...and why wouldn't they?

The table was right in front of the 'stage' but because of good sound balancing proved to be an excellent position to capture a very good and intimate set by Angie and her baseplayer.  

Here is a clip from her performance at last years Barroudeurs festival here in Barrou.

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