Saturday, 21 January 2017

Walking to work...

Pauline has taken to walking from Barrou to the house at La Guerche and back, as part of her 'regime' going into 2017. It is a 45 minute walk each way and she has stuck to the task well. I joined her one day for our 'weekly walk' but on that day we did Barrou-La Guerche-Maire-Lesigny-Barrou, a good 12km and 2 1/4 hours. 

It is not the most interesting of walks, it takes us along 'Route du Moulin A Vent' before turning right along 'l'Aulnaie' a stretch that offers no protection from a chilly January wind!

You do catch a glimpse of 'Chateau de Rocreuse' which 'lords' over us from the other side of the river.

There is not much else until you reach the outskirts of La Guerche itself  where as you look to your left along
'Le Grand Moulin' you see the impressive millhouse.

Entering the village you pass one of our favourite views on 'Rue des Ramparts'.

Even on a chilly January day the village and its chateau gives of a bright glow belying the temperature


  1. Lovely.... it may be cold... but the clarity and light give lovely crisp pictures...
    I love those houses on Rue des Ramparts... they have a certain "quirkiness" to them!

  2. Fantastic. Bravo, Pauline. We'll join you on some of these lovely long walks when we get back to France.