Sunday, 12 March 2017

A church for Sunday...Saint Gervais Saint Protais in Falaise,Normandy.

Travelling back down to the Loire Valley recently from Normandy we stopped of in the town Faliase,mainly to explore its William the Conqueror connection. The church here,dedicated to Saint Gervais Saint Protais. was started by him in the 11th century and finished by his son Henry. The church you see today is in a mixture of styles with 'Gothic' being most prominent. It is a wonder the church is here at all as it has had a very turbulent past.Much of it has had to be rebuilt due to extensive damage sustained during religious and world wars.

As you can see from the image above the WWII damage was extensive, It took a very long time to bring it back to its former glory, worked continued until 1980 but they have done a wonderful job.

Model inside the church showing the extent of the damage

I have, in the past, questioned whether the crafstmen of today could recreate these wonders of a bygone age but the answer lies here...inside is wounderous!

Where.s Joan? She's here head and shoulders above others.

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