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We were kindly invited to Futuroscope, by their marketing department who are trying to improve the number of international visitors to the park. Currently only 7% of their visitors come from outside the country. We sat through a couple of hours of 'selling' the park which included a 'question and answer' session. A very articulate owner (German, I think) made a good comparison between the park here and 'Parc du Fuy' before arriving at the conclusion that Futuroscope should not be marketed as a 'theme park' as it is something quite different. Our hosts agreed and said they knew that what they had was quite unique - which it is - and perhaps had to find a better way to 'sell' it to foreign visitors. Having been in sales myself, didn't think they should be knocking the competition "their food is very bad" (Parc du Fuy)- setting themselves up for a fall perhaps?

Anyway, although in the department of Vienne, for visitors to the Loire Valley with children, especially if you are staying in Southern Touraine, it is well within reach.

My honest opinion of the day is that had I paid for the visit, which at the best 'day rate' for two people is €72, (then add the same again for food and drinks for the day) I would have felt slightly let down. Well, up until the the night spectacular - which I have to say lived up to its name and is included in the price

The only problem is that in summertime you have quite a wait (10.45pm for us) until its dark enough for the show to start, so you end up, as we did, having time to kill. We did this by visiting some of the less inviting 'attractions' that we had felt earlier were not worth seeing as we had experienced some of them on an earlier visit. It also gave us older guests a chance for a nap - I chose the 'Born to be wild' show for my own personal 'power-nap' as interesting as it was, it was only something you would now see on the discovery channel or the likes but on a huge screen.

Here is my summation of the park as a 'foreign visitor'.


The park is situated just outside the city of Poitiers in the Vienne region of France with good auto-route and rail links making it easily accessible. Its situation south of the river Loire in Central France means that you can expect good weather during the summer months with many hours of sunshine.There is ample parking which costs €7.00 for 24 hours (€3.00 if you arrive after 5.00pm)

Access by road either from the A10, exit number 28, or from the N10 taking the exit signposted for 'Futuroscope'

Park layout:

The parks layout is well thought out and most of the architecture is stunning...I well remember first seeing it way back in 2005 and thinking its futuristic appearance was well matched to the idea of a 'futoroscope' park. It still holds true today. When you consider the park was conceived way back in 1987 it was certainly forward thinking. Although there did not seem to be a great number of visitors during the day of our visit the park easily swallowed them up proving its ability to cater for greater numbers with relative ease.

Inside, the park has good directional sign-posting throughout,designed around 'more than 3 minutes' or 'less than 3 minutes' letting you know that you are never really far away from the next attraction. This plus the map you receive on entering the park make it fairly easy to navigate. It is well served for toilet facilities which are again well sign-posted.


The park's attractions can be split into three categories,very good attractions, good attractions and not so good attractions.There are not enough very good attractions in our opinion. 'Arthur,the 4D Adventure' is great - the kids must love it.The 'Little Prince' is a close second. 'Dancing with Robots' which is the nearest you get to a traditional 'theme-park' ride was also good and even though it was one of the few attractions we had to queue for, we were 'entertained' while we waited.Surprisingly our other favourite was one of the earliest creations of the park, 'Dynamic Vienne' which whisks you through the sites of the region on everything from a caddy car to a racing car while sitting on  seats that jolt and throw you in simulated movements to tie in with the film show.

Two of the newest attractions - the heavily promoted 'The Time Machine' with its toilet humour (you actually sit on a loo seat) and rabbits was clever but disappointing and the latest 'Virus Attack' was really just a poor version of 'Arthur' which purports to take you through the human body - but no doubt the kids will probably like them. You can only be tossed around so many times before you start to wonder if they have just run out of ideas.

The IMAX cinemas were probably great when the park first opened but are a bit 'old hat' now, although have to say as we were 'killing time' for the night spectacular we did enjoy 'Wings of courage'  and the new 'Mission Hubble'. all the commentaries are in French but you can pick up a free translator and headphones - these cost €1 - but you can bring your own.

If you go after 5.00pm the parking is cheaper and entrance is only €20.00 and you probably have enough time to take in the main features as well as the evening spectacular.

Or after 8.00pm it is only €10.00...with a couple of kids it is well worth considering!

Please note: This post is actually one year old and had been in my 'drafts' posts and forgotten about. It was only after comparing their 'spectacular' recently with the one in Ciran that I rememberedit had not been 'posted'. So the information re attractions may not be up to date as they are always looking to improve things...check out their site for current information,

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