Wednesday, 30 May 2018

You know I like coincidences...

On our way to see the adorable Ada in Scotland because of the two flights we have to take there and back I took the unusual step for me, of taking a book to read. I chose an old Ian Rankin novel, 'Open Doors' partly as I had never delved into his murky portrayal of Edinburgh in text and also for the obvious reason as that was our final destination. The book was,I think, his first first departure from his Rebus character so that also intrigued me, it centres around a heist in the art world of the city. 

The day before we took our water of Leith walk the story had the pursuing detective taking a rare day off to visit 'St. Bernard's Well' with his family during 'Doors open day' and there we then were passing the Greek Doric styled well on our walk!

BTW still haven't finished it...

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