Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Whirlwind weekend with Paul

It was great having our son Paul over for a few days but he'll probably need another holiday to recover!

After picking him up at Poitiers airport on Thursday, a spot of wine-tasting was followed by lunch overlooking the the golf course at St.Cyr.

On Friday we had a lunch invitation with friends in Barrou and then the evening was taken up with the great 'Swing Pressigny' event in Le Grand-Pressigny.

Saturday was another lunchtime invitation, this time in Le Grand-Pressigny followed by the excellent Barroudeurs Music Festival in Barrou

On Sunday we dragged him around the brocante at Dange-Saint-Romain under a blazing sun, then to an apéro evening invitation in Le Grand-Pressigny. 

In between times I seemed to spend a lot of time moving tables, chairs and tents around with other very generous local volunteers ! We rounded of his visit with lunch with friends at Maire on Monday before taking him back to the Airport - as an endurance test he passed with flying colours but as a relaxing break...!

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