Sunday, 19 August 2018

Getting a tune out of a hunting horn...or not

Went across the road last night to the 'Concert de trompes de chasse' which was held in the courtyard of the chateau. Although I am against hunting I wanted firsthand experience of a 'concert' of hunting horns and here it was on my doorstep!

My first thought as the players turned their back on the audience was that it seemed a little rude but there were obvious reasons for this!

Getting a 'tune' from these instruments isn't easy but the participants trumpeted valiantly with the occasional introduction of an accordion player to introduce a little melody. My thoughts on the evening? Glad we went as the setting was excellent but not an experience I will be rushing to repeat! 

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  1. You eat meat Jim. A least they animals hunted do have a chance what you eat does NOT.