Tuesday, 30 April 2019

You'd think we'd be happy...

Actually we are, just not in the photographs provided as part of our dossier to obtain our 'Sejour Permanent' cards that give us the right to *stay in France. It was a process that although involved a fair bit of work for Pauline bringing it all together, was handled very efficiently by our local prefecture in Tours. We have to thank all those who voted for Brexit (whatever that means - and who knows?) for putting us through this stressful time when we should be embracing our European identity as we slip into old age. Fortunately we have the fortitude to overcome these things which have included Pauline being robbed of her pension for six years and me for one but we really feel for those people who do not perhaps have the resources or network of friends to cope under what must be a difficult time for them - my heart goes out to them. 

*If Brexit does happen then these will probably need to be exchanged for  different card but it should prove less onerous,

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