Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Yesterday lifted 32 concrete blocks on to my trailer,pulled away only to find one of my tyres didn't like it and I suddenly had a flat...took off the 32 blocks and fitted the spare...reloaded the 32 blocks only to find spare didn't have enough air in it either - wouldn't blow up with the load on...took off the 32 blocks,blew up the tyre reloaded half of them transported them and delivered them to their new home where they were unloaded - back for last sixteen - loaded them - delivered and unloaded them. Not a good way to spend an afternoon! I have to point out a very patient friend (Mike) helped me both with the lifting and keeping it together...body and soul.


  1. Just as good as a workout at the gym - and a lot cheaper than the membership!

  2. You wouldn't want grumpy Jim in your gym!

  3. You will be entering a 'Strongest Man' contest if you keep it up...