Thursday, 1 May 2014

I could be a millionaire, if I had the money.

Then I could maybe put a bid in for this wonderful Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed house advertised in the Telegraph dream house? quite possibly!

 Above image credits :

Our last house in Scotland was built by a CRM enthusiast and had a few features linking to his designs with the stair rail having the four square hole design that is a much used in his furniture design...

like our dining room suite which was a replica of the famous 'Main Street Dining Suite' that he had made for his own house in Glasgow.

When we bought the house all the woodwork was dark rosewood - CRM style but we decided to change it  -Pauline almost wore her fingers down sanding it all - and go for his white look.

For the handrail separating the dining area and lounge I designed a sort of 'negative' in metal of his design which I hope he would have approved of.

BTW the dinning room suite has been in our barn here in Barrou since we moved over to France 6 years ago as it was just too big to accommodate in either of our houses but we have plans to restructure the lounge here in Barrou to bring it back in use -  we are looking forward to sitting down to eat at it again. 

Footnote: Post title is a line from one of my favourite songs by Clifford T.Ward
'Home thoughts from abroad' - here he is doing it 'live'

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