Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fougeres the impregnable fortress...

I was trawling my photographs when I came across these pics of the medieval fortress at Fougéres in Brittany and was reminded of one of the few disappointments of or trip up there in October.. 

We had been blessed with exceptional weather during the first few days of our stay but on the Monday turned a bit grey and we asked our host what we might do nearby on such a day. He suggested a visit over to the fortified castle,one of the largest in France,at Fougeres. I had seen photographs of it and it looked interesting. Although an hour from Dinan, he assured us it would be worth the drive.

 On arrival it did impress us with its mighty walls but it was was closed for lunch! We didn't see this as a big problem as we needed some sustenance as well, After an average lunch in the town we headed back just before 2.00 o'clock by which time a small group of eager visitors had gathered around the entrance. By 2.15 however there was still no evidence of any activity and the natives were getting restless. I thought maybe I should check what the information on the door said...just in case. What our enthusiastic host had failed to learn and the people in front of us hadn't noticed was that from October to April it was closed on Mondays, I then had to break the bad news to the other,mainly French, people waiting in anticipation. The children in one of the groups were not at all happy with the outcome whereas we just shrugged!

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