Sunday, 25 January 2015

Burns night...

*The perfect supper setting?

It is Burns night tonight when our national bard's poems and songs will be celebrated the world over. Hard to believe it is a year since we had our first Burns Supper in France with friends at David and Jane's.

At the Burns Heritage Centre in Alloway just outside of Ayr there is this great painting of Rabbie with some great cronies...what a supper that would be!

Here is my homage to the great man (a steal on of his 'The Bonnie Lass o' Ballochmyle') to describe a particularily bad round of golf there.

The Grass O’Ballochmyle

That morn the dew lay oe’r the greens,
On every blade a pearl did hang.
The course I knew it could be mean,
Every hole, both short and lang.

T’wards every rough I boldly strade,
Yet did it wae a sense o’style.
A couldna seem to fin’ a ba’
Among the grass o’Ballochmyle

With careless swipes I onward swayed
A couldna seem to fin’ ma swing
There wis nae joy among the glade
Ma gemme it was an awfu thing.

Yet way friens today a couldna care
Ma cronies helped me raise a smile
No so mony miles frae Ayr
Among the grass o’Ballochmyle

Jim Craig,

*Footnote: The table setting is from a shop in Newmarket Street in Ayr 'Table Toppers' who always have wonderful window displays.

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