Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Loire Valley through my lens...

My recent inactivity due to my careless use of this old body of mine has had me trying to sort through the thousands (and I mean thousands) of photographs I have taken since moving to France.

Growing up, a camera was considered a luxury item in our family and photo-taking and processing was not something that happened a lot, thankfully we do have a few memories to look back on like this one of my sister Mary holding the recently arrived Richard to almost complete our brood, although Sarah-Anne came as a bit of a surprise, 3 years later. That's me on her immediate left, I would be 4 at the time.

Probably like everyone else, Pauline and I  have a very large box of photographs of our boys as they grew up and we would have loved to have taken them with a digital camera but it was too early for that.So to 'view' them is a case of digging through them.

Digital imagery has meant that photography is now in the hands of the masses with billions of cameras around the world.snapping who knows how many photographs. I am no different, with my trusty camera, which has suffered much abuse, nearly always travelling with me. I love being able to capture a scene or event instantly and the ability to photograph the same scene in a number of different ways.

I have enjoyed going back through my files and revisiting some of them and being pleased with a few of the results, I would never consider myself a photographer but I love taking pictures.

I have decided to share some in 'collections' on Google+  Loire Valley here and Paris here.

Here is latest I added to my Loire Valley collection, took in way back in 2012 from the bridge over the river Indre at Cormery...

and to my Paris collection this view of Montmartre taken from Parc des Buttes Chaumont taken in 2011.


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  1. We keep meaning to scan our old photographs taken when our children were young. We've tried some, with varying degrees of success, but they are such lovely memories. When Rhiannon was 30 we made her a photobook to mark the occasion, with the early years being made up of scanned pics from old albums or piles of photographs.
    BTW I could pick you out from the line-up!
    Hope the back is improving.