Friday, 26 February 2016

Perfect situation...

One of the great things about living in our area (Southern Touraine) of Centre-Val de Loire is that our location means that we have all the riches of the main Loire Valley attractions  yet also border the neighbouring department of the Vienne and all that it has to offer.

Sorting through some of my photographs for my 'Collections' on **Google+ I am unearthing many from this area that remind me of just how lucky we are.

The Loire Valley is blessed with many fine abbeys and churches but there are some beautiful Romanesque gems in the Vienne. We are only 45 minutes away from the the world heritage listed Abbey Saint Savin for example which is well worth a visit.

**Seems like a good place to store photographs as having them in files is almost just like having them in a box in the attic! Think they have lost out to Facebook with regards to being the main social media platform but think maybe becoming more like 'Pinterest'. Am I the only one who thinks that social media has become much like the rest of consumerism in that items only have a short shelf life...this is why I choose the template I have for this least you get to see a choice of some of my past posts rather than having to scroll through them all.Never did get the hang of 'labels' early on. I still believe there is a better platform out there yet to evolve. 

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