Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Another walk in the woods...

Monday saw a great change in the weather with us seeing conditions we would normally get in we took to the hills and woods around Barrou. There is a marked route that takes you past the Mairie and behind the church up the hill into the woods  Always glad to reach the top!

The shade from the trees was a welcome relief from the sun we had waited so long to return!

There was still evidence of the recent heavy rainfall  and we had to tread carefully at times but apart from a couple of squelches we survived. 

On this walk you have to cross over the road between that runs between Barrou and Le Grand-Pressigny and back into the woods.

We made our own deviation from the marked route to pop in on some friends for tea and sit on their sunny terrace and admire their garden. Hard work reaps its own rewards.

Refreshed, it was all thankfully downhill back to Barrou...

with views over our own little valley

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