Monday, 27 June 2016

Sunday's brocante visit...

Yesterday we headed up north of Tours to Nouzilly to check out their brocante.I chose it as it had a good number of stall holders and was in a little pocket of Touraine we didn't know that well. I also decided that we should drive up around the west of the city off the main routes to again see a bit more of the area. 

When we first arrived we thought that we had made a mistake as there was not a stall to be seen in the small village but a friendly local pointed us in the direction of the nearby woods where the brocante was laid out.

It was a good setting with plenty of shade plus the usual 'restauration' tent where we had our Sunday lunch

There was the usual mix of items on offer...

Does anyone know what this section of tyre might be used for? 

There was a couple of tempting musical items but I resisted the temptation.

Did enquire as to the price of Serge but at 150 euros to rich for my blood.


  1. Hi Jim! Your websites have been a great resource! We will be visiting the Loire Valley early in July and are interested in finding some brocantes and antique stores. I'm mostly interested in vintage ephemera. Can you offer any suggestions for particular vendors or stores we might visit?

    1. Hi Leanne,

      We tend only to visit brocantes/vide greniers where you will normally find someone selling postcards old magazines etc.. I list them here every week for Touraine.