Sunday, 2 October 2016

Church on Sunday...Saint Pierre Es Liens in Cussay

The 19th century church of Saint Pierre Es Liens in Cussay,a small village that sits between Descartes and Ligueil, was built to replace a 16th century that was on the same site. The high point in the village has had a church here since the 10th century

It was built in a Neo-Gothic style popular at the time.

It has the traditional nave leading to the apse and two side chapels.

The church has many fine examples of  well preserved 19th century stained glass.

There is a lovely set of 'stations of the cross'

and an interesting baptismal font - how do they remove that cover?

Carved pews.

Where's Joan?, she sits above the entrance and under these pretty windows which bathe her in light.

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