Saturday, 29 October 2016

Progress at the 'project'...

Now that we have come to the end of our holiday rental season are at last making some progress on our La Guerche 'project', scary that it's been a year since I posted that! What did I do last winter?...oh I forgot I had another little project at the Old Walnut Mill So,update on La Guerche...after clearing out both the grenier above the house and the 'shop' (left) of what seemed like hundreds of wooden crates and boxes plus the usual 'treasures' an old French loft reveals we found that we had another potential ensuite bedroom.

Not in the main loft but above the shop, only problem was access currently is via a loft door in the courtyard.

So it was necessary to cut a new access doorway through from upstair...

It is a 600mm thick wall and took a bit of doing...

it's amazing how much stone you end up with!

The access is now on your right as you come up the stairs to what will be our lounge.

According to friends I have saved myself a few thousand (?) euros by doing it myself...that makes the hard work worth it!


  1. Exciting times, it's not everyone who discovers a new room in the house!

  2. Bravo. Your plans sound fantastic. Courage...