Tuesday, 1 November 2016

La Guerche and loosing the Scandinavian look...

Another bit of progress at the project in La Guerche has seen the removal of the pine cladding  the previous owner had started to cover the beamed ceiling, in what is going to be the lounge,with - not a great look. I did feel a bit bad though as he had gone to a great deal of effort and tried very hard to get it level using various packers along the way plus also tried to cover the main central beam.

Pauline has taken the task of cleaning up the beams, which should keep her out of mischief for a wee while!

On a technical point the cladding had been nailed directly to the beams other than where packers were involved when screws were used in various lengths while he tried to secure a fixing, The longest being the one below which I thought was a never going to end...and it wasn't even a good fixing - but then we've all been there I'm sure!

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