Monday, 4 December 2017

In the heat of the moment - a tale of two restaurants

After visiting the chateau at Azay-le-Rideau yesterday to check out the Christmas decorations we decided to have Sunday lunch at one of the local restaurants that were still open this late in the season. Both restaurants above were offering lunch menus at 14.50 euros but we chose the one on the left as we preferred the choice. When we entered it was empty (not a good sign-though it was early) and took our seats in front of  a 'faux' fire. A french couple arrived soon after then two girls and a dog! Our waitress decided that as it was a little chilly (and it was) that she should put on the small heater at the door. We were well into our entree when I noticed smoke belching out of the kitchen door. The French couple had opted for pizza and as the owner rushed in and turned of the electricity he explained that the oven was on fire! Everyone remained relatively calm even though the smoke was intensifying. I had to chuckle as the cook appeared coughing and spluttering out of the smoke delighted to tell us that the pizzas were ok and duly presented them to the couple. After some discussion we were advised that we should decant to the other restaurant as they had called the pompiers.

So we gathered our demi carafe of rose and our glasses, the French couple took their pizzas and the girls took their dog, over to the restaurant across the road. We were followed by our waitress who suddenly became part of their staff - can only assume that they are owned by the same people. We had to reorder from their menu which wasn't so bad and contented ourselves in the fact that it was actually a nicer place...and warmer!

Due to the reduced lack of choice, the restaurant soon filled up and we all sat watching as not one but three fire-engines and a control van arrived on the scene. It was a little disconcerting for many of the diners who were not aware of the circumstances with one chap asking if it was us who were on fire! He and others were reassured that the squad of firemen had everything under could only happen to us! 

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  1. That, Jim, is wonderful!!
    As you say... it could only....
    Most of us just want to relax.... tee, hee, hee!