Saturday, 7 April 2018

A visit to Chateau Montpoupon in the sunshine

Yesterday Pauline and I took up our free invitation to have an early look around Chateau de Montpoupon. The owners,who have the formidable task of maintaining this beautiful place, were very generous with their time and hospitality during the visit.

They have a continuous programme of improvements to make the visit as comfortable and as interesting as possible to compete for  tourists in a area awash with beautiful chateaux.

We have visited the chateau on a number of occasions and would recommend it, as unlike some of the major chateaux, you will have a very relaxed visit around a delightful interior without the crowds ...though I'm sure the owners would welcome them!

It also has a well set out hunting museum covering the many aspects of this,what was once a very popular pastime, in the stables of the castle 

We took a walk down into the grounds to get the imposing view from behind the chateau but the bright sunshine made it difficult to take a good photograph but we weren't complaining on what was a glorious spring day.

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