Friday, 6 April 2018

American whiner

DIY shopping up in Chambray-les-Tours yesterday so decided to check out 'Holly's Diner' as friends had mentioned it.

Loved the styling of the place, hated waiting to be seated too long, when, as you can see from the pic there were plenty of seats. So long the couple behind us left!

Service wasn't great either and fries were,I'm sure, not fresh, even though waitress went to great lengths to tell us they were not from frozen - probably would have been better if they had been!

Pauline had a small Italian salad which was supplied 'large', did only pay for small however though, because of the size, passed on the side of fries...lucky her. Tried to cheer myself up with a sundae but was more like a slush puppie. Add to this, the pleasant enough staff seemed all over the place - will not be back!

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