Saturday, 26 May 2018

Taxing times...

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This year we opted to do our tax return here in France 'on-line' for the first time. I say we but it is Pauline, thankfully, who handles all things financial in our partnership - would certainly be lost in a forrest (they like forms) of bureaucracy without her. However even she can come unstuck, understandably, sometimes. The on-line process had her stumped after almost getting to the end. One thing we have learned about living in France is that if you have a problem it has to be faced person to person, so yesterday we headed over to the 'Tax de Impôt' office in Loches. When we arrived there was the usual queue of people waiting to be 'triaged' by their super efficient receptionist (sure she must have a more important title). We had been sitting for 40 minutes waiting for the English speaking officer when,aware of our frustration, she suggested we could perhaps start with our interview in French as he was available. We went in and I sat impressed with how Pauline handled it...all in French. It seemed all she had failed to do was tick a box! He did agree however that it was a complicated process even for the French but not so taxing for Pauline!

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