Monday, 12 August 2019

When it rains...

Because we are normally blessed here with good weather throughout most of the year, when the rain affects our social life we take it hard! Yesterday we had to cancel our visit with friends to what is normally a very good brocante at Yzeures-sur-Creuse  (after all these years still have to check the spelling). As it happens it cleared up in the afternoon and after a late afternoon walk around the village here in La Guerche we sat outside for aperos in the evening with some neighbours. The picture above is from an evening with our neighbour David in Barrou when we did not let a spot of rain spoil our BBQ at his place.

We understand that after the excessive temperatures of recent months we need rain for the gardeners and farmers but I recall the seasons when Mother Nature had it raining through the night followed by sunny daylight hours. 

Thursday the 15th (Quinze août) is a public holiday (feast of the assumption) and this of course is an opportunity to have a fete various forms. Locally we have annual 'L'Art et la Matiere' exposition within the grounds of the chateau in Le Grand Pressigny, where local craftsmen (and women) and artists get the chance to display the results of their hard work. 

It is also a good day to visit nearby Lesigny as they have their annual brocante and display of classic cars. We normally have cake for breakfast with the hardworking bakers at Le grand Pressigny then visit the brocante, then we are lucky enough to end the day at a friends annual garden party in the village so fingers crossed that the rain stays away! 

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