Sunday, 7 July 2013

Church on Sunday...Pont-de-Ruan

Today we are visiting the the 'Holy Trinity' (la Trinité) in Pont-de-Ruan. The site has been a place of worship from as early as  444 when Saint Brice, a disciple Saint Martin is said to have founded the first church.

We entered the church through the side portal which has a number of interesting features,carved corbels,evidence of a new arch plus a message wishing you a 'joyeuses noel' throughout the year.Perhaps they think it discrete enough as to be unnoticeable?

The current 11th century church consists of a nave with two small side altars and a rectangular choir (added in the 13th century) with an attractive main altar.

There is a  fourth altar to the rear of the church.

The nave is timber-clad and is illuminated by narrow windows positioned high up

You can see evidence of a blocked up round window.

Where's Joan? place for her here sadly.

The 12th century west doorway is notable for its carved corbels.and is a listed Historic Monument.

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