Wednesday, 17 July 2013

spoilt for choice...

Like most of France we took a day off on Sunday...and went in search of fetes. We ended up in Verneuil-sur-Indre where they were set up for a long day. There was a brocante as well as stage where even over lunchtime we were treated to a musical journey by two English chaps showing the French how to do it (if in a somewhat 'club'style).

One couple were impressed enough to take to the floor.

...would loved to have gone back at midnight to check it out but we couldn't as we had been invited to Descartes' festivities.Food and music ('Matchbox') down by the river followed by 'pyrotechnics'. The local kayak club do a 'river dance' with lights...very impressive! Would loved to have shared it with you but my pics are rubbish...maybe someone out there has some.

A good evening with good company yet again.

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