Thursday, 11 July 2013

One potato..

Ladies and gentlemen I give you...Ms. Pomme de Terre...the first harvested potato from our garden here in France and surprisingly the first from any garden of ours for 35 years. The reason for this is that because of our busy lives in Scotland we tended to have flower/shrub gardens rather than vegetable gardens plus potatoes were cheap and aplenty! Indeed early 'Ayrshire potatoes' were considered to be among the tastiest in the country.  


  1. I thought that accolade went to early Pembrokeshire ones - perhaps it's just another country!! ;o)

  2. This beauty looks like Desiree or Franceline.
    Where's the ribbon over the shoulder?
    You should be growing Stemster...
    one of Jack Dunnett's Caithness developed varieties...
    and much favoured around here as it is drought tolerant!
    For competition you need another three or four...
    identical to that one!!