Sunday, 29 June 2014

Church on Sunday...Vallères

Sometimes the churches we 'stumble' upon just by choosing a new route are the ones that prove the most the church of St. Médard in the small village of Vallères on the.D39 between Azay-le-Rideau and Villandry.It is another church that has evolved into its present form over the centuries. The first church built in the 11th century was destroyed and replaced by a new one in the 12th century - of which only the bell tower and apse remain.

The current vaulted nave and side aisles are the work of a rebuild in the second half of the 19th century,making the church look rather grand for such a small village. Apparently the villagers still say behind the 'churches' (plural) as there actually used to be two identical 12th and 13th century churches separated by an 8 metre gap -why? I don't know - but one was the parish church (dedicated to St.Médard) and the other 'for devotion' to the Virgin Mary - this was sadly ordered to be demolished in the 18th century due to its poor condition.


There is a wonderfully ornate baptismal font and pulpit set into one of the pillars.

Where's Joan?

Here she is placed on the altar of another lady as if as an afterthought!

At the base of her statue is the word 'reconnaissance' - is this perhaps referring to her late acknowledgement as a saint?

If  you choose to take this route you should take a look.


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  1. 'Reconnaissance' in this context means 'with gratitude'.