Monday, 2 June 2014

Last supper...

...for a while anyway. Last night Miki (owner of ' Le Bourg') and her friend Cathy, who are over for a short stay from Toronto, joined us for dinner along with friends Mike and Liz. They (M &L) are being kind enough to allow Pauline to accompany them back to the UK today. She had intended visiting her mum on the 22nd of June (flights booked) for a couople of weeks but has to go earlier as she isn't in a great place at the moment. She will be taking over from her sister Eileen who is there until Wednesday.. She followed a spell of our youngest son Mark's caring - which was much appreciated.With our season 'up and running'  I have to remain here to do changeovers etc..

The 'tarte tatin' you see in the above pic. will be the last our kitchen will see for a while!

On Saturday night we were lucky enough to be invited to the inaugural dinner  at friends Dave and Jane's new 'entertainment' area. They have turned what was a cowshed into a wonderfully relaxing space which includes a lounge,the dining room above and a couple of guest's bedrooms. It is a fantastic job which features some of the original fixtures sympathetically. The job was completed in a relatively short period due to Dave and Jane's ability to 'get things done' - don't know where they find the energy!.

After my promotion of Chedigny's Rose Festival seems we were the only people who weren't there! Sadly work got in the way. I wanted to finish my 'step project' for Miki arriving and had set to work around 7.00 am to give me time to do this and free up the afternoon - but the truth is when I got back both Pauline (who has also had a heavy workload recently) and I, fell asleep. We did waken up in time to prepair for our evening guests however. 

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