Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Changeovers and moving mountains....

Put in 8 hour shift yesterday at Les Balcons - 'changeover' - previous guests left before 8.00 am so good early start. They left it in good condition but still needed the time to do it on my own - don't you think bed-making is so much easier with two people?.

Another one at 'Le Bourg' tomorrow - this is what the courtyard there looked like on Monday had a bit more than general cleaning and preparation to do - you should have seen the back terrace!!


  1. The back terrace at Les Balcons is looking great, very inviting.
    Not sure about the other one though!
    Making beds is definitely easier and a lot quicker with two people!
    If you are stuffing a duvet cover, using a couple of large bag clips to hold the first two corners in while you tackle the other two can help.

  2. Looking good Mr Craig. Please take a few days rest, though.

  3. This isn't self praise - it's Pauline being me!!!