Sunday, 22 February 2015

Church on could we miss it?

On one of our walks along the river Ayr in the town we came across this church tucked behind the high street - we are ashamed to admit it but we  didn't even know it was there...and had been since 1654!!! 

 It is the town Pauline grew up in, she was born in Edinburgh and moved here when she was 11 but was of a different 'persuation' to that preached in the 'Auld Kirk'. This plus the fact that the town has grown around the church leaving only a long  narrow lane from the high street and a less than salubrious walk along the river to access it may just excuse her lack of knowledge.

This is the church where Robert Burns probably gained his first experience of the 'Kirk' as his father was a church member. This connection offers another excuse for our lack of knowledge of this particular church as it tends to play second fiddle to the 'Auld Kirk' in nearby Alloway made famous by Burns' poems.

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