Sunday, 1 February 2015

Planes,trains but no automobiles...

...and an unexpected travel companion 

On Friday night Pauline and I were up in Glasgow to go to a couple of 'gigs' (how cool are we) One. to listen to 'Kid Canaveral' the band Michael has now joined after leaving 'Cancel the Astronauts' as part of the 'Celtic Connections' winter music festival. It was in the 'Arches' under Central station, a great venue where KC gave us their wall of sound.

After they finished their set we headed along Argyle St. to catch another sibling ,Mark,doing his improvisation in the'Avant Guarde'.Another great evening of 'family' entertainment.

Pauline's sister Eileen is up from London flew into Glasgow but too late to join us...although she eventually did - she was on the same train as us back to Ayr. She should have been back in Ayr with her hire car but when she tried to pick it up she discovered that she had actually booked it from Gatwick on Sunday!!! 

You would never catch me doing anything as silly as that.

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